20 April 2007

The Shanghai Auto Show

The Shanghai Auuto Show opens this Sunday, and runs through April 28.

Shanghai is important to carmakers because they realize that the Chinese consumer market has outlived its bicycles. There are lots of Chinese with the money and the desire to buy cars.

The auto show is using the motto, 'Technology and Nature in Harmony.'

General Motors, Toyota, Mercedes-Benz, BMW and Ford will offer their battery-powered and hybrid models in accord with that theme. But its Volkswagen that seems to be going all out presenting a wide range of cars with what it calls "vanguard" technology. It says the gas consumption and emissions from VWs sold in China will decline by more than 20% by 2010.

Let a thousand flowers bloom.

(Did I just quote Mao Zedong?)


Maggie said...

I think it is so HOT when you quote Mao.

Christopher said...

Thanks. Actually, now that I've had most of the day to think about it ... I recall that he originally said "a hundred" flowers, although tradition seems to have turned the cliche into the one I used.

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