13 March 2007

As the vernal equinox nears ....

Back in January, on my "other" blog, the one I'm now abandoning, I listed my resolutions for this year.

As part of my move, I'd like to list them here. Drum roll please.

1. Breakthrough at work (I'll leave the nature of it indefinite here -- but I'll know it if it happens)
2. Weigh no more than 185 at some point this year
3. Contact agents/editors who might be interested in my novel on antebellum US. Begin work on revisions.
4. Be in Dublin for Bloom's Day
5. Follow-up on Reason publication, place something else there.

I've made some of the necessary preparations for (4), and I've heard good things that may indicate I'll keep (1) on schedule. The other three remain, for now, in the realm of projects.

I have plenty of excuses, as I always do. Because I've picked up the intensity of my focus on my work, in hopes of helping with (1), the cause of (3) has rather suffered. Also, it has been too cold of late to do as much outdoors walking as I'd like, a fact that has limited my progress toward (2).

We can consider this posting to be my self-flagellation, though, and now I'll get on with the business of keeping the lot of them.

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